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Drupal CMS gets the rgeEditor experience...

Frustrated Web Developer

Drupal v7 and v8 CMS is the third of our planned plugins to help integrate rgeEditor into popular and well loved CMS platforms. Version 7 : The module overrides the default text-area utilised to add both page and article content, replacing this with our fully featured html wysiwyg editor, resource manager and image editing system.  Version 8 : The module overrides and replaces CK Editor within the page and article add / edit screens, replacing it with rgeEditor.

Wrap me up

The Drupal framework and general approach to themes tend to utilise CSS wrapper classes on the body tag or outer layout items. To try and ensure that 'what you is is what you get' the wrapper class configuration setting should be used.  You will therefore need to ensure that all of the CSS stylesheets (Drupal themes tend to have many) are added to the configuration file and the wrapper classes utilised by those themes are also added.

Wrap me up even more...

There have been instances where CSS hierarchy is gained from outer wrapper ID’s as opposed to CSS Classes, although this is frowned upon from within the CSS community, it can be quite commonplace. We have overcome this "exception" by providing a few simple lines of code that can be easily added to create extra wrappers around the editor canvas allowing CSS inheritance to work as it would do when rendered on your website. This code snippet is available within the knowledge base section on our website.

Set up to work

We have utilised the Drupal roles feature, matching them to the pre-configured access groups within rgeEditor. Different users with varying access levels can have a tailored toolset to best suit their needs and skills.

The link properties within rgeEditor window that allows you to create new hyperlinks has also been configured to fetch the internal URL paths from Drupal’s main-menu navigation object. Creating links from within your content, to pages within your website has never been easier. A small change in the module settings file can target any menu object of your choice if required.

Exisiting integrations

Our previous integrations included a fully integrated WordPress plugin with administrative configuration settings to aid WordPress developers and a Joomla plugin delivering a similar installation and setup process to the Drupal  plugin. They both require some manual, but minimal configuration on the target server to ensure the installation is secure.

Written by: Peter Blay
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What Next?

You can review the rgeEditor feature-set along with some handy tutorials, or go straight to the demo section. There you will find fully working demos utilising both the Bootstrap CSS framework and Zurbs Foundation framework as working examples of how the editor and its template / page builder system works. You’ll also find some 3rd party demos that allow you to edit some popular brand websites within your browser using rgeEditor.

Sign up for a free trial, then download the Drupal plugin from our Drupal Installation page to get started.